Scalp Micropigmentation process is considered to be the best hair loss solution, when it comes to non-surgical hair loss treatment options for men and women.


As well as hiding general baldness and thinning, we use our scalp micropigmentation technique to cover patches of baldness caused by Alopecia.

Transplant Scars

The Scalp Doctor’s technique is a highly advanced form of scalp micropigmentation procedure, not only covering scars, but the illusion of fuller hair.

Fixing Bad Procedures

Our Scalp Doctor technique was created by the industry’s finest, to give the illusion of hair follicle replication without having to go under the knife for an expensive surgery.

Hair Transplant Combo

As well as hiding general baldness and thinning, at Scalp Doctor we use our scalp micropigmentation technique to cover scars created by failed hair restoration surgery.

Female Thinning

At Scalp Doctor, our proven techniques work of all genders, all races and all ages.  We can fill in your thinning hair, to give the appearance of fuller, thicket hair.

    How does the process work?

    It starts with a free consultation. Our procedures are non-invasive and our clinic is sterile, professional & relaxing.

    Free Consultation

    Contact us and we will schedule a time to talk so we can qualify you and answer any questions you may have about Scalp Micropigmentation.


    You and your Scalp Doctor artist will select a custom style and hairline that suits your head.  We will give our opinion, but the decision is 100% yours.


    Along the procedure, we will walk with you step by step.  We will let you know about micro scalp treatments, aftercare precautions… from A to Z.


    Once the procedure is complete, our Scalp Doctor will make sure the result of your treatment is as expected. Your happiness is our only concern.


    Our Industry Expert

    I have been around micro scalping for many years.  I was trained by, and studied with, the World’s Best. Now, I’m bringing my talents to West Virginia. I can’t wait to talk to you and see how I can help!